Competition Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Competing teams must be properly dressed for emergency response simulation exercises with personal protective equipment including protective headwear, chin straps, protective eyewear, high visibility apparel, protective footwear and hand protection.

Competing teams must have personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets the requirements specified as follows.


Protective Headwear

Hard hats must have a fixture for a cap lamp and a chin strap. Reflective material for hard hats will be silver. Retro-reflective striping must be applied to the front, back and sides.

All hard hats must meet at least one of the following standards:

  1. Canadian Standards Association standard CAN/CSA - 294.1-05, Industrial Protective Headwear - Performance, Selection, Care and Use.
  2. American National Standards Institute, standard ANSI - 289.1-2003 Safety Requirement for Industrial Head Protection.
  3. ANSI/ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) - 289.1-2009

Please note, all hard hats should be affixed with an attachment point for a cap lamp (miner's lamp). Any team unable to obtain such an attachment should notify IMRC 2020 organizers to discuss alternatives.


Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear must be safety spectacles and have permanently affixed side shields. Protective eyewear must fit properly and manufacturer's recommendations for use must be followed. All eye protection must meet one of the following standards:

  1. American National Standards Institute, standard ANSI -287.1-03 and/or 287.1-10.
  2. Canadian Standards Association, standard CAN/CSA -294.3-07 Eye and Face Protectors.


High Visibility Safety Apparel

Safety apparel must be Class 3, Level 2 coveralls or pants and long sleeve shirt with the following features:

  1. Be made of fluorescent background material
  2. The apparel must have retro-reflective striping that measures 50 millimeters in width
  3. The striping must entirely circle each arm and each leg (at or just below the knee) as well as the waist
  4. The striping must be arranged in two vertical lines on the front extending over the shoulders and down to the waist and be arranged in an X on the back portion covering the upper body.
  5. Team members must have their team number attached to the left arm at the shoulder (starting with #1 for team captain, #6 for the vice-captain, #7 for the spare and finishing with #8 for the briefing officer)
  6. The apparel must be flame resistant and suitable for exposure to flash fires or short duration flame exposure.

All safety apparel must meet the following standards:

  1. NFPA Standard 1851
  2. Ontario Regulations 854 Sections 262 (2), 263 (2) and 263 (3)
  3. Canadian Standards Association standard CAN/CSA - 296-09


Hand Protection

Gloves should provide protection from friction, cuts and punctures. Gloves must be suitable for a variety of tasks that may include rope work, firefighting and the use of a variety of hand tools in underground and surface environments. Different types of gloves may be used in each simulation.


Protective Footwear

Protective footwear must be rubber, leather or ballistic nylon. Rubber boots must have metatarsal protection, puncture resistant soles and meet CSA Grade 1 impact requirements. Leather or ballistic nylon boots must be omega rated, have puncture resistant and electric shock resistant soles, integral or external metatarsal protection and meet CSA Grade 1 impact requirements as shown below.

All safety footwear must meet one of the following standards:

  1. ASTM International Standard F2413
  2. Canadian Standards Association standard - CAN/CSA - 2195-09 Protective Footwear


The following items will be supplied during IMRC 2020 field tasks or events:

  1. Cap Lamps
  2. Mine Rescue travel restraint belt
  3. Link line
  4. Medical examination gloves

Team Supplied:

a) PPE as per above

IMRC 2020 Supplied:

  1. Miners belts
  2. Link lines
  3. Cap lamps
  4. Medical examination gloves
  5. All rescue equipment required for simulations


Additional Info

Official Language

The official language for all of the events and communications will be English. Every effort will be made during competition task planning to minimize any disadvantage to competing teams due to a lack of proficiency in English or the use of a Technical Translator.

Team Demographics

Team Member Requirements - each candidate must be:

  1. A minimum age of 18 years old
  2. In good health and physically fit
  3. Clean shaven, with no facial hair to interfere with the facemask seal
  4. Calm and self-controlled in an emergency or a dangerous event
  5. Known to be of good judgment and initiative
  6. Capable of performing long, arduous and physical labor
  7. Familiar with underground mining conditions and practice
  8. Certified in first aid training
  9. An employee of a mining company/government agency